More Than Just My Best Friend

Today is the anniversary of the first time I contacted my wife. Here is this years’ poem:

More Than Just My Best Friend

You’re more than just my best friend, the bond that we both share
Is precious as the sunrise and glorious fresh air.
You’ve joined to me for life with your most solemn guarantee
And yet I often fall far short of what my role should be:

I forget the things you treasure, and miss the warning signs
That you’re struggling to cope and I need to invest time
In listening and sharing in the burdens that you bear
And showing in my stumbling ways that I still truly care

Whatever chaos this world sends, together we’ll push through,
I’ll look for little ways to demonstrate I still love you
The many things we can’t control that tempt our hearts to quail
With His strength we’ll overcome, His purpose never fails.

Though sometimes we won’t understand, we know that we can trust
That He will work things for our good, He’s merciful and just.
So as we talk and pray and live together each new day
We ask for wisdom that we need to walk the narrow way.

Friendship and Art – What are they Good For?

I would like to do something different this week, because about two weeks ago I saw something on youtube that moved me so deeply that I just have to discuss it. I know I am very late to the party, as this all happened half a year or more ago, and many of these things have most likely already been said, but I just cannot keep these thoughts to myself. There are so many areas to talk about, that this has ended up taking me a lot longer than I initially planned.

I am going to talk about Jonathan and Charlotte, a singing duo that took part in Britain’s Got Talent last year, finishing second. Continue reading