A Pair of Pups

Small rushing clumsy fluffy feet
Tails sweep and bounce as they both greet.
Eyes that fill with simple joy
At papers, strings and chewed-up toys

“Leaves twitch outside, the world’s alive!
Catch them all, or they’ll connive
To flood our lawn and spoil our fun
There’s games to play, and tracks to run.”

With full attention at your feet
If they suspect you hold a treat
With begging eyes that melt your heart,
Forget the socks they tore apart.

One desperate heroic leap
To snuggling laps to curl and sleep
Their peoples hands and faces lick
Scratch them just there, their feet will kick

Peaceful sweetness at your feet
As fur and carpet merge and meet
Dreams of chases, food and play
To fill their souls and make your day.



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