Shimmering Shadows

This is an unfinished poem I wrote for a Dungeons and dragons campaign that I partially planned but was never played (the campaign was planned to fit the poem, and then they both fed off each other) There are other parts to it, but they aren’t complete and spoil some of the twists. This summarises the first phase of the campaign.

Shimmering Shadows

The regal dawn, the pauper’s crown,
The sun-drenched trumpeter of great renown,
Rouses the land with a soundless roar,
“The darkness is over now, awake once more!”

A fate-filled molecule of towering might
Or a whispering figment and a trick of the light?
What caught my ear and my eye that day?
What perils and portents would be coming my way?

“Life and honour”, greets a wise old friend,
“Have you heard what the Shadow Kingdom this way sends?
An army of stealth with nefarious eyes
Driven by injustice and fed with lies

Led by an assassin on a ravenous steed
A loathsome creature full of malice and greed
We will need friends to repel this foe
Let us seek counsel with the ones who know.

Bandits attempt to obstruct our way
We clash with many not seen in the day
Though pressed and harried we do not lose hope
Gaining strength from above, we find ways to cope

At last in the distance is the City of Spires
“Here are men to fear as well as those to admire
Watch how you step as much as where you go
Do not be deceived by its welcoming glow.”

Orchestrated opulence
Charms the eye and shouts to all,
“Here lords and men of consequence
Decide on matters great and small!”

The sounds that echo through this marbled court
Are whispers and mutterings of great import.
Nerves are jangling as we bring our case
“Do not let any fear show upon your face.”

An elderly magistrate reacts to our news,
“I must take you to the king, there’s no time to lose.”
The kings nods sadly as he hears the report,
“Move quickly and silently, do not get caught.

“We will need allies to survive this feud
Ancient covenants must be renewed.
Travel to the centaurs in the distant west
Much will depend on you fulfilling this quest.

Go from here through the tunnels to conceal your trail
From those caves on to Marport and from there set sail
Make your way to the hills of The Shimmering Wood
Its people can be powerful agents of good.”

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