Could chance alone have led me here to witness this magnificence
Or else the instigation of some great eternal plan?
I’ll respond with all the fullness of my youth’s profound exuberance
To answer nature’s call and thus attempt to be a man!

What fortitude arises when your path is strewn with obstacles,
As if they were all placed there by a teacher from on high;
It will not do to merely gaze at them with tinted spectacles,
For duty bids us not just rise but reach up to the sky!

Who here among you all will march with me towards our destinies?
We’ve no room for the feint of heart or cowards in our ranks;
We will not cower in fear when face to face with mortal enemies,
Should we prevail the world will owe us all a debt of thanks.

Come face your fears and grow your hearts as we engage the enemy,
Our training and our discipline will give us strength today;
Our courage and our skills will build for us a noble legacy
Our victories or deaths will pave for us a higher way.

In times to come men will look back and weep they were not by our side
Despairing that they were not man enough to join the fight;
Their children will sing songs of all we did, their eyes all full of pride;
The example we all set will point our nations to the light.

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