My appearance on the Catholic Geek Radio podcast

On this sombre day, I will briefly mention my appearance on the Catholic Geek Radio podcast, where we briefly discuss this sad anniversary before moving on to lighter topics, such as superversive fiction, my background as a writer and the hope and beauty I try to capture in my work. The interview was recorded three days ago and will be available to listen to at 7pm EST today. There was one subject in the interview that I glossed over, and subsequently realised was worth covering in some depth, so I will follow up with a blog post on that in the next few days.

Once it goes live, the interview will be available here:


Meet (or Hear) the Man Behind the Curtain

Last month I was interviewed for the Sci Phi Journal in connection with my ongoing contribution in the form of the serial Beyond the Mist. Be amazed at my boring voice and semi-coherent ramblings!

(This was the first audio interview I have ever given, so hopefully I will get better at it with practice, assuming there will be a next time)