Once strong hands now tremble as they grip the spoon,
Once sure feet are now afraid to fall.
A once sharp mind now struggles to place a face,
Once sharp eyes are now blurred by misty flaws.

A once proud man now lets himself be helped from bed,
A once proud band is now reduced to one.
The once life of the party now sits and ponders what went wrong,
Where have all the years and all the heroes gone?

Once vibrant hair now glories in its greyness,
A once pretentious youth has now learned to be wise.
Some potentials unfulfilled, others turned into experience,
A once impatient man has now learned to watch the skies.

A once bold adventurer now sits and gazes at the clouds,
Memories of the past seem more real than today,
Then a magical voice cries out, “Hello Grandad!”
Then he smiles and the years fall away.

A once forgotten man is now honoured and respected,
His words of wisdom cherished, his approval desired.
He showers his affection, which is returned in little ways,
Then the years fall away with his smile.

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