God’s not afraid

God’s not afraid of dirt, God’s not afraid of pain,
God’s not afraid of spoiled brats who try to shift the blame.
God’s not afraid of broken glass or broken hearts or dreams,
Or even when reality is not what it first seems.

God does not fear a tyrant’s rage,
An army’s strength, an idea’s age;
He’s not undone by your new thought,
Nor tradition’s icy court.

God’s not afraid of slimy holes
Where broken men and outcast souls
Lie in despair and slowly die,
Unnoticed by all passers by.

He comforts those who suffer, mourn,
And those betrayed before they’re born
Or persecuted for the truth,
Or shunned for their old age or youth.

God’s not afraid of swarming mobs
Demanding wealth and easy jobs
At the expense of those who toil
To bring great bounties from the soil.

God’s not afraid of those who lie
And promise castles in the sky,
Who twist His words to fit their scheme
And serve their sordid, selfish dream.

God’s not afraid of evidence, or questions fairly asked,
Since He in His great providence equipped us for that task;
So use the brain and body He did generously provide
And do not be afraid if He is truly on your side.

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