Thirteen Email Years Ago

As is tradition, each year on the anniversary of the first time I emailed the girl who is now my wife, I write her a poem and send it to her on the 1st of May with instructions to read it on the 2nd. Here is this year’s effort:

Thirteen Email Years Ago

Scattered thoughts, deflated hopes,
My lonely soul was on the ropes.
Resigned to life without a love
And then He sent one from above.

He used an unexpected route,
No lightning bolt or vision cute.
Instead a boy who liked to tease
And made us both feel ill at ease.

He told me of a girl he knew
And that I should contact you.
I dismissed his strange request
But my mind would not give me rest.

Something in the way he spoke,
As if not trying to provoke.
Was this yet another joke,
Or else a helpful master stroke?

I briefly did peruse a note
That you this pesky boy had wrote.
A gleam of wit in there I saw
And sudddenly I yearned for more.

With shaking hands I typed a mail
I finished and with face quite pale
Sent to this girl of mystery.
(The rest, we know, is history).

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