To My Wife

You keep telling me you’re ugly,
It simply isn’t true;
So much majestic beauty shines
From deep inside of you.

Your voice is such sweet music
An enchanting melody,
Your laugh the rousing chorus
Of your spirit’s symphony.

Your eyes have such a sparkle
When they light upon my face.
I draw you close, invite you in
To my most private space.

When your tears slice right through me
And tear into my heart,
I long to listen, hold and comfort you
‘Til you’re whole in every part.

My heart is fully open
To you and you alone
All I was and am and will be
All I have is yours to own.

It is such a wondrous blessing
To have you in my life
It would all be so much poorer
Without you, my precious wife.

*Author’s note – this is an old poem, and the first line no longer applies, she doesn’t do that anymore. Success!

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