My Child

Your smile can lift my darkest day,
Your pain is too great for me to bear.
Your victories will stay with me forever,
Your sorrow is something I must share

Your thoughts are my inspiration,
My anger can never last for long.
Your progress brings me such delight,
I love to watch you growing strong.

Your questions sometimes drive me crazy,
Others are a pleasure to discuss.
Still others I long to hear you raise,
When you’re ready for the wisdom I entrust.

Times with you are such precious moments,
Even when things sometimes do go wrong.
I know they cannot last forever,
One day I will have to send you on.

I never want to say goodbye forever,
Though I know you have your life to live.
Stay strong, remember what I taught you,
And always have love enough to give.

When trouble comes, know that I’m here for you.
No matter what, there’s room here by my side.
My arms will always be held open
For you, my dear beloved child.



Warm sun on your back,
Cool breeze in your hair.
Here is space to relax
Or reflect, if you dare.

Space to breathe,
Space to think.
Space to revel in the wonder of reality:

The grandeur of a hilltop,
The beauty of a tree.
The charms of lilting birdsong,
And life’s stunning mystery.

The carefree laughs of children,
Friendly dogs at play.
Sights and sounds that lift your mood,
And turn around your day.

The gently rippling field of grass,
Fresh air after the rain.
Cascading smells and textures that
Make this world far from plain.

The mighty soaring orchestra
That sweeps your off your feet
And takes your heart to places new
As two worlds seem to meet.

Gentle words of solace,
A comforting embrace.
All this and more to ponder
In this quiet, peaceful space.


Days of wonder, days of hope,
Days that help you learn and cope;
Days of refuge, days of peace,
Days that give your heart release.

Days of struggle, days of stress,
Days of pain and loneliness.
Days that tear your world apart,
Days to make a whole new start.

Days to overlook a fault,
Days to be true light and salt.
Days to take a stand and fight,
Days to defend what is right.

Days to cherish and protect,
Days to rectify neglect.
Days to smile and talk at length,
Days to be another’s strength.

Each new day is heaven-sent,
Make every day a day well spent.