Inspired by Twenty-Nine

Apologies for the delay, I was struck down by a strong cold. This is another in my old series ‘Thoughts Inspired by Psalms’, but instead of merely quoting it, this time I have transformed its main points into verse:

Inspired by Twenty-Nine

Beyond the sight of every land, o’er ocean dark and deep
The fiercest storm in history extends its mighty sweep
Waves soar up to the very sky, winds roar and screech and tear
Crests into swarms of spray and foam, lightning sears the air.

Black clouds are spread here far and wide, above their towering peaks
Manifests the Holy One, and then he simply speaks.
All other sounds are whispers beside his colossal roar
It splits the sea, exposing lands we’ve never seen before.

It shakes the sea bed violently, huge earthquakes ripple out
Across the globe all creatures cower at his mighty shout.
The blast of air strips every leaf from every living tree,
Its echo twists, then splits, then shatters great oaks globally.

Vast mountain ranges bounce around like pebbles down a path,
Celestial beings gaze in awe at this display of wrath.
No wonder every angel cries out ‘Glory!’ at the sight
Of His eternal power and His searing holy light.

So when the storm clouds dwarf you and your heart begins to wail
When trouble piles on trouble and your strength’s about to fail,
When armies swarm across the bridge, destroying your last hope,
When sneering hordes surround you and you fear you cannot cope,

Remember who created you and who is on your side,
Those mountains are but pebbles, He won’t even break His stride
As He comes to rescue you from what you fear the most,
In Him we have our strength and shield, in Him alone we boast.

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