And Yet…

And Yet…

When faced with a true master,
My words fall flat as stone;
No great deeds they accomplish,
No great sins they atone.

And yet a simple glimpse of truth
Is all a dark place needs
To show the walls are crumbling,
To plant some healthy seeds

That sprout and grow so strong they change
The world in ways profound;
Such as when a shepherd shod
His shoes on holy ground.

So take that little step with me
To truthfulness and light;
Who knows where that tight path will lead,
What otherworldly sight

Will greet us on the noble way
To love beyond our ken,
Where treasured souls we thought were lost
Shall reunite again?

There He who wipes our tears will smile
With arms thrown open wide,
Show us to our special place,
And welcome us with pride.

The Light Beyond the Window

I came up with this one during my many recent visits to doctor’s waiting rooms.

The Light Beyond the Window

The light beyond the window shines
Into this murky room
Sparing me the horror
Of life in utter gloom

It dances on the floorboards
And sparkles on the tiles
Lifting me onto my feet
To go that extra mile

Without it I could never see
The beauty on display
In flowers, trees, in birds and beasts,
In life that finds a way.

I press against the window
And shield my eyes to view
The source of this great radiance:
So pure, so bright, so true.

Defining and uplifting all
To be their greatest selves,
With courage to keep going
And eagerness to delve

Into the noblest mysteries
Of being, thought and deed;
Not shirking from the questions
Of our lives’ deepest need

For meaning, purpose, value, hope,
When all arounds seems lost;
What core thing we should cling to
When all else must be tossed

The fortitude to see it through
And keep our solemn vow
Ensnaring vanities avoid
Until we humbly bow

Before the throne of judgment
When our works show their worth,
And our heads will lift to see
New heaven and new earth.

Shadow and Light

In the beginning all lived in the light
Each creature was a glorious and noble sight
Every work was a joy, every burden light
All sheltered by a hand of benevolent might

Then one was tempted by a lofty goal
That she could be greater than her wondrous soul
She saw a little shortcut, took a little bite
Then began to sense that she should fear the coming night.

Her husband shared her misery by joining in her act
They sought the shadows to obscure their little selfish pact
Their trespass was discovered, their paradise was lost,
But still they could have no idea how much their sin would cost.

Their descendants travelled further from the true and rightful path
With pride leading to jealousy, to strife and deadly wrath.
Reckoning was more delayed from each sinner’s offence,
And so it seemed that shadows could deflect all consequence.

Filled with the thrill of their success, they honed deceitful arts,
And sought out deeper darkness to betray more trusting hearts.
They took great pride in their own guile and ingenuity,
As they dug down into the mire of dark iniquity.

Piece by piece, a gnawing hole grew in their sordid souls,
And of all those that they harmed, who played their sordid roles.
Vengeance was paid back in full and bitterness increased,
Transforming once majestic creatures into wretched beasts.

More and more they soaked in darkness, ate and drank the void
Hoping it would hide their degradation and avoid
The mounting pile of consequence, the troubling pangs of guilt
That festered in the putrid cores that they themselves had built.

They dug so deep, the mire collapsed and buried them alive
They did not dare admit they now had no hope to survive
Their deeds closed in around them, ‘til they were paralyzed,
And then they gave a feeble cry to Him they had despised,

The faintest pinprick of pure light then seeped into their hole
And grew, exposing all the wretchedness of their vile souls.
Ashamed and terrified, they scramble weakly, helplessly
Away from piercing truth’s fierce glare to foul obscurity.

But the light pursues them still, ‘til they surrender all,
Awaiting their destruction in hell’s deep fiery halls
But all the mire around and in them is then torn away
And piled upon an innocent who chose the suffering way.

He takes the pain, abandonment and suffering they earned,
Dies in their place for all the wholesome choices that they spurned
Their stains are all removed and their souls have all been freed;
He rises up in glory and then offers them a creed:

To follow in His footsteps, though they may stumble still;
He’ll catch them as they fall if they will only seek His will,
A whole new life before them, a noble worthwhile way,
A journey of abundant love towards eternal day.

The Superversive

Apologies for the lack of posts, my old computer was having more and more crashes and freezes, so I replaced it with a new notebook and am still in the process of setting things up again. One of the first things I did on my new precious on Friday was to give a brief skype interview to Jason Rennie, editor of the Sci Phi Journal and host of the Sci Phi Show podcast. That will be broadcast sometime in January after the next issue of the journal comes out, I’ll be sure to let you all know when exactly that will be.

On  a barely related note on Monday I went to the cinema for the first time in a long time to see Interstellar. I must say right now, if you haven’t seen it, go and see it, it is possibly the best film I have ever seen in my life. I daren’t go into any detail for fear of spoiling the experience for anyone who has not yet seen it, but I can say that it is spectacular, engrossing, insightful, inspiring, uplifting, a shining example of superversive art at its finest.

What is superversive art, you may ask?

Briefly, it is the opposite of subversive art, which seeks to tear down and undermine the values and structures of society in some way or another. Once society has been utterly subverted and its structures destroyed, there is nothing left to subvert, only to dig a deeper and deeper hole into despair and insanity. Superversive art aims to build over the top of the ruins, rebuilding the healthy values and structures, witnessing to deep truths and allowing glimpses at a higher reality far above the draining drudgery we have been told to starve our souls with.

The term in this meaning was coined by the ever awesome Tom Simon (author of ‘The Making of the Fellowship: Concepts of the Good in The Lord of the Rings’, in my opinion the highlight of Sci Phi Journal Issue 2, as well as many other excellent essays and books) back in 2003, but really took off this year with the advent of the superversive literary movement, headed by L Jagi Lamplighter, John C. Wright and other writers and creators far more talented and prolific than myself, sparked by this essay:

I hope that one day, some of my own work could be considered good enough to count as part of this worthy movement and play a small part in bringing fresh light to dark corners of this damaged but still beautiful world. Who’s with me?