O’er barren rocks and burning sand
We trek across this arid land
Our strength and hope begin to fade
Desperate for a piece of shade.

That cruel mirage that taunts our flesh,
Promising rest and water fresh.
Yet what is this? What have I seen?
Do my eyes lie? Is this a dream?

No, those are trees! Now we are saved,
For such mean so much more than shade!
Where there are trees, there waters flow
All manner of life can cling and grow.

Here cool relief and fragrant air
Are savoured with a grateful prayer.
Yet this is what we’re called to be
As planted by a living stream,

To bless our world, transform lost souls
Heal their wounds and make them whole.
Provide a place, where peace remains
Light is found and truth still reigns.

Despairing hearts see from afar
As if there guided by a star,
That here is love stronger than death,
A throng infused with holy breath.

Among us all they find the home
They have sought out as they did roam
We’ll point them to the One above
Source of all hope, true life, and love.