Stock Image Promo Deal at Dreamstime!

Attention all my fellow self-pubbing authors!

I have no idea whether this is still running, but by chance I came across and took advantage of a special promo deal over at dreamstime today, through which I obtained the standard rights (including book cover art rights for up to 500,000 copies) for 5 high-resolution images of my choice from their very extensive paid royalty-free image library for 1.29 Czech crowns (approximately 5 US cents). Two of the images I chose are basically ready to use as covers immediately (e.g. see below), just needing to add the text, two more will require a little framing, and the last one (one I had my eye on for a good six to twelve months) will require a little more work, (probably combining with some other elements), so I’m 80% done with the covers for four of my next five projects, have a good foundation for the fifth, and am very happy.

Simply register an account there (which is free), immediately upon logging in it should offer you a special promo deal (at least it did after I recovered my old password and logged in), if not choose to buy a monthly subscription for 5 images per month, this week they are offering an almost 100% discount, choose your images from their library, download and back up, then go to your account and select ‘no’ to automatically renewing your monthly subscription.

If this promo deal is now over, my apologies for not getting the word out soon enough. I am in no way affiliated with dreamstime or getting any commission for this, I just thought I’d share my good fortune in coming across this deal at just the right time, for all of you who do your own covers.

Below is a low-res version of one of the images I grabbed, which I’ll be using for the cover of a fantasy short story I’m working on:Strangers in the Forest_small