Sci Phi Journal

This is my one hundredth post on this blog, and I am using it to highlight the publication that may be a turning point in my writing career.

The first issue of the Sci Phi Journal, a journal of science fiction and philosophy, is now available for purchase. I do not have any work published in this issue, but the opening of my second novel, Beyond the Mist, will be in the second issue (and given central billing) with more of it serialised across multiple issues.

I bought a copy of the first issue and its a very good and thought-provoking read, the editor has stated that he needs to sell 800 copies of each issue to be able to carry on with it past issue 3, so I would encourage anyone who enjoys science fiction and deep and rigorous thinking to buy a copy and evaluate for yourselves if this is the kind of publication you want to be supporting.

Using the amazon link below will mean part of the proceeds go towards the running costs of Theologyweb, a great online community that I have gained a lot from over the years:

It can also be purchased from smashwords:

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