Spreading the Word about the Sci Phi Journal

I trust that at least some of my fine readers and followers have taken a look at an issue or two of the Sci Phi Journal and have liked what you saw there, I certainly have. It is showing a lot of promise, but the economic realities of publishing mean that in order to be sustainable in the long term, its readership will need to keep on growing, as the editor outlines at the link below:


I am sure that there are plenty of other people out there who like depths to their stories and to explore the depths of the stories they like, and so would love the journal if they knew about it. The next part of Beyond the Mist will be appearing in the next issue, which is in the works, but how long it will take until it and subsequent issues appear will depend on the level of readership. So, my discerning friends, I would ask if any of you are part of a community of science fiction fans or writers, or of philosophers; or know anyone in a philosophy department, or in the media, please consider suggesting to them to take a look, every little increase in the potential audience will help.

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