Beyond the Mist in Sci Phi Journal Issue 2 and beyond

I’ve been a little overloaded with work this last week, so haven’t managed to finish this week’s poem. However, I have just been paid for the first installment of Beyond the Mist. The first three chapters will appear in issue 2 of the Sci Phi Journal, with another two chapters appearing in the issue after that, with more to follow in later issues. Whether there are any later issues of the journal will depend on how well the first three issues sell, so please give it a chance to succeed. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is a preview of the cover art for issue 2, based on my story, painted by the Australian artist Cat Leonard.SciPhi2

In my opinion this is my best work, certainly the best opening to a story I’ve ever written, and I’m really excited to hear what you’ll all think of it once it’s available.


I’ll be sure to let you all know when issue 2 of the journal is available for preorder, this is going to be a very interesting ride.


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