Seven Deadly Tales and Planetary: Mars

There has been a slew of new releases by Superversive Press recently, and more over this Easter weekend, including a collection of short stories by Frank Luke, Entitled Seven Deadly Tales, for which I did the following trailer:

The devil knows the perfect spot to offer his Faustian bargains.
Customers drift into Lou’s Bar & Grill with the usual broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams, but Lou knows what they want and how to serve it up for them…for a price.
Seven entertaining stories from Frank Luke, brought to you this Easter by Superversive Press!

Public domain images and videos from pixabay
Music, angelic forest by
Temptation by
ignition sound effect from
flame effects from footagecrate,com
Halloween spooky choir and piano crash from

Another trailer I released on my youtube channel this week was much less timely, and was two weeks after the release of the Mars Planetary Anthology.

Superversive Press’ third installment in the Planetary Anthology series, released two weeks ago, takes us to Mars.
The red planet and our closest neighbour, it has haunted our imaginations for centuries, inspiring tales of heroic deeds and courage. Mars is also the god of war and the father of fear and panic. Here are 18 tales of war and adventure set in and around the red planet.

3d models from TurboSquid and Free3d
Music: Holst’s The Planets – Mars public domain recording by USAF Heritage of America Band
Mars surface footage and imagery courtesy of NASA
Shield, explosion, smoke, shockwave, dust, spark and laser effects from
Miscellaneous images and video footage from
Cover artwork by Lee Madison
Animation, compositing, post production, video and audio editing by Ben Zwycky


The delay in releasing this video was partially due to attempting to learn and make advanced use of Blender on a tight deadline, which proved to be a very bad idea, added to the fact that my laptop was not really up to the task of rendering all those 3d scenes, so I employed two other computers to share the burden and get the thing finished. Still, the need for a dedicated rendering rig became obvious, but is not something that would appear to be a viable option for quite some time. Maybe one day promo videos of this scale could become a more regular occurrence.

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