Meeting up with the Mountain Who Writes!

bookswapI had the privilege of meeting up with Larry Correia on the last stop of his European book signing tour. He seemed pretty excited to receive a signed copy of Beyond the Mist from me, as I got him to sign my copy of his excellent fantasy novel Son of the Black Sword (John C. Wright’s foreword in my book was a big selling point for him).

He was already well aware of Sci Phi Journal and, and I took a few messages from the rest of the SuperversiveSF crew, so he was happy to see me and I had a nice chat with him and his good lady about Prague, their experiences on their tour, family life, writing and a little about this year’s Sad Puppies campaign. It was a fun time and I look forward to hearing what Larry thinks of my little book, since many of us know how much weight a recommendation from him can carry.


In other news, The 2016 Journal of the Society of Classical Poets came out this week, featuring one of my poems.

They will also be posting a review of my latest poetry book Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders in mid-May, so I look forward to reading what they think of that collection.

5 thoughts on “Meeting up with the Mountain Who Writes!

  1. Congratulations on your successful audience with the ILoH, Ben! I’m especially pleased that he seems to have allowed you to live 🙂

    On a serious note, I’m sure Larry will love BtM. You’re a great author.

    And thanks for conveying our messages from the superverse!

    • Thanks, Brian! I was really nervous about approaching him before the event, since he was chatting to the event staff, then some random fan approached him for an autograph and I took it as a sign that it wouldn’t be frowned upon to introduce myself and it all went very well after that.

      Asking for messages to pass on from you guys was a way of giving myself the confidence to introduce myself without feeling like I was just imposing and trying to take advantage of his presence.

      • You’re welcome, and I know what you mean. I met Larry under very similar circumstances.

        Trust me when I say that you conducted yourself in a much more courteous, less stalkerish way than I did 😉

        • My Sci Phi Journal T-shirt also almost made me look like one of his book tour crew, or at least someone who belonged at both events in some capacity.

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