Ten and One

Another older one:

Ten and One

Ten and one strange years ago,
I took a crazy chance
To venture down an unused road
And learn a foreign dance.

Not knowing what to do or say
I stumbled best I could
Nervous tension slowly changed
To foolish hope of good.

Then this foolish hope became
A warmth that shook me deep
A friendship closer than I’d known
A heart I’d long to keep.

Further shocks would come my way
Upon one darkened slope
You fell into my arms and then
I truly dared to hope.

“Let’s clarify, we’re friends, no more.”
We did agree that night,
But soon it was quite plain that we
Each other did delight.

From there a short if bumpy track
To a question poorly asked
But you agreed, despite my flaws
And in your love I basked

In offices I sighed and fumed
As papers were obtained
To allow me to become all yours
And be together chained

(the most comfortable and wonderful chains I’ve ever worn, btw 🙂 )

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