Something a little different this time- two little riddles, the first used by a ‘Mutants and Masterminds’ superhero character I run. Gravitron, a goodhearted but occasionally cynical Czech escapee from the Soviet Union, can manipulate gravity and space itself. He is normally bad at English, but used a Hero point to become temporarily eloquent and come up with this riddle to defeat the demonic Word Eater. The second riddle was devised at the same time but ended up not being used. The solutions will be posted in one week.

Riddle One

Scuppered plans, frustrated aims,
Kindness spurned through childish games.
Unfinished songs and failed romance
Truncated by this heartless dance.
Ever-morphing chains of thought,
Chases futile, fun and fraught,
New lives and hopes will rise and fall,
Old hearts grow strong and give their all.
Stars witnesslessly die, or not;
This all and more I am, but what?

Riddle Two

With scarcity it grows and grows
With bounty it declines;
Part artistry, part constancy,
Part usefulness in time.
So rarely spoken of in truth,
Yet sought by every man,
What is this that I describe
Please tell me, if you can?

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