*author’s note, when reading this, use the three-syllable variant pronunciation of ‘cruelly’ and ‘clearly’, i.e. say them with a bit of a flourish. Also, this is another old one, written before the financial crisis started.


Deeper in debt than I ever hoped to be;
Promises forgotten or retracted cruelly.
My own words used against me
And twisted full of spite;
No sign of dawn approaching
On this terrifying night.

My creditor approaches with documents in hand;
As fear engulfs my trembling heart I lose the strength to stand.
Falling down upon my knees I plead against all hope
For mercy or another day to climb this deadly slope.

“Enough!” He says, holding the deed up high for all to see.
“No more delays, the sum is due, it’s all here clearly.
The time has come to end this,” he grins with childish glee,
Then tears the paper into shreds and suddenly I’m… free?

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