Warrior:Interface by David Hallquist

Fired towards earth at over five thousand miles per hour and equipped with the latest Lunar technology, Brandt Wills is a warhead targeting the brutal State of Terra.

With the beast partially tamed and his body further augmented by Lunar Special Security, Brandt Wills is heading back home to take on his former employers as war breaks out between Luna and the State of Terra. His only backup on this insane mission are the beast that still tries to take him over and the AI ghost of an old flame. What chance does one man have against the vast resources of earth?

The second installment in David Hallquist’s outstanding Singularity War Trilogy is available now from Theogony books.

    This book was a ton of fun to edit, and is now available on Kindle from its new publisher (it was previously released as State of Terra by Superversive Press). I can’t wait for you all to read this one and the breathtaking culmination of the trilogy, Warrior:Embraced, once it comes out in a couple of months.

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