The End of an Era, But Far From the End of the Story

As some of you may have heard, Jason Rennie recently announced that Superversive Press is closing down, for various reasons not limited to the tragic passing of his wife last year. I would like to express my thanks to Jason for giving me my first break into publishing, gathering together a great deal of people I am proud to call my friends and inspiring many positive currents within the publishing industry. The Superversive Literary Movement is far from over, as it was in no means limited to the press itself, and it’s surrounding community will continue as before, and the books that Superversive Press published are being taken over by various other presses, including Theogony Books, Silver Empire, and Tuscany Bay Books, which earlier took over the Planetary Anthology Series and today launched Luna :Basically all of the projects that Superversive Press was working on will continue, merely under other banners or independently. Those of us that Jason gathered together will continue to work to produce stories and resources to inspire and bring hope and light to dark places.

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