Forbidden Thoughts Goes Live on Amazon

You are not supposed to read this book.
You are not supposed to think about reading this book
In fact, just plain thinking at all is not allowed.
You have been warned…

Forbidden Thoughts Front Cover

A new anthology has been released by Superversive Press entitled Forbidden Thoughts that takes on the thought-policing bullies of the literary establishment by slaughtering just about every sacred cow they have, and having a lot of fun in the process. Jason Rennie and I edited the anthology and I also contributed an introductory poem. It features a range of stories and articles by some extremely talented authors, including some very big names, such as John C. Wright, Nick Cole, Vox Day, Sarah A. Hoyt, Tom Kratman, Larry Correia, Brad R. Torgersen, L. Jagi Lamplighter and Brian Niemeier, and includes a foreword by Milo Yiannopolos.

Fellow SuperversiveSF contributors Josh Young, David Hallquist, E.J. Shumak, Ray Blank and A.M. Freeman feature as well, and there are also pieces by Pierce Oka, Chrome Oxide, Jane Lebak and Matthew Ward.

Some of these stories are horrifying, some are hilarious, some a bit of both, while others are disturbingly, even dangerously insightful. Some are not the kind of stories I would write, others are the kind I wish I had the skill to write.

In order to pre-empt those who would take me to task for voluntarily appearing alongside such ‘deplorables’, I don’t do guilt by association. I am able to work with people that I disagree with, even with people who do things that I disapprove of, and ally with them in the common cause of freedom of thought. If you have an issue with what one of the others has said or done, take it up with them.

We are able to separate a given idea or opinion from the people that hold it, examine a theory or proposal based on its logical consistency and the available evidence, and decide to accept, reject or withhold judgement, all without taking it personally. That is how the marketplace of ideas is supposed to function, what actual tolerance and diversity of thought looks like, and how bases of genuine knowledge are built up. Attempts to obscure the truth or smother the investigative or evaluative process need to be exposed for what they are (and periodically ridiculed to break their power over others).

We are a band of misfits taking on the corrupt and crumbling empire, armed only with the weapons of laughter, creativity, beauty and truth. We will disagree with each other, even argue, but this is not a source of division, or even something to apologise for, but the very freedom we are fighting for – the space to breathe, to think and evaluate for ourselves that we wish to extend to others. Despite our differences, we still band together to bring down our common enemy – the moral leprosy of political correctness. Just as physical leprosy prevents the body from recognising damage done to it, leading to progressive deterioration as injuries go untreated, unhealed, and become infected, political correctness prevents its adherents for recognising damage done to their moral, spiritual and cultural life, leading to progressive deterioration in all of those spheres.

I proudly stand with my fellow contributors and I will not denounce them.

Stand with us, dare to read this book (even if parts make you uncomfortable) and stand against those who want to smother all opposing thought and opinions.

Forbidden Thoughts Front Cover

*Update* Forbidden Thoughts is now the top-selling science fiction anthology on the kindle store, just shy of the top 1,000 of all kindle books, and this is just the first day. Let’s see how high it can go!


*Update 2* Forbidden Thoughts is now the top-selling science fiction anthology in all books on amazon, well inside the top 400 of all books, and number 6 in Science fiction hot new releases.forbidden-thoughts-no-1-02hot-new-releases-2

*update 3* yesterday Forbidden Thoughts reached a peak of #260 on amazon:forbidden-thoughts-no-1-03

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