Reviewer Praise for Beyond the Mist

The ever-fabulous Amy Sterling Casil, founder of Chameleon publishing, has written an amazon review in which she highly recommends Beyond the Mist:

Beyond the Mist is the first in adventures of a man whom we think is nameless for a long time as we read — a traveler seeking to escape a mysterious Gravity Ring. But eventually, the traveler progresses beyond this stage, experiencing one adventure after another in allegorical locations and circumstances (his tribe is the Apples, for example). At all points, Zephyr, who eventually names himself, makes one choice after another, even if he doesn’t fully understand his situation, from a basic sense of good and decency. Zephyr is an “everyman” in some ways, but also an innocent, unspoiled man who takes everything as it comes. For those who enjoy imaginative, allegorical stories with action and ever-changing and shifting circumstances, Beyond the Mist is for you!

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