Beyond the Mist First Draft Complete, Future Plans, and Beta Reader Request!

I am happy to announce that I’ve just written the ending of Beyond the Mist, aka book 1 in the Chara Series. There are a couple of gaps to fill in and and some inconsistencies to iron out, (and most likely cuts to make), but this is an important milestone, completion of the first draft. The next two books are both at the initial rough outline stage, and may grow into two parallel series set in the same universe that converge into one, we’ll see how work on those progresses as I finalise the remaining instalments for Sci Phi Journal. Both stories will grow out of things mentioned in chapter 12, so I will give more details on those once Issue 7 is out at the end of this month.

So far I have been writing Beyond the Mist without any beta readers, the first person to see each instalment has been Jason Rennie, Sci Phi Journal’s chief editor. I realise this is not the optimal solution, though it happens to have been working so far, so I’d like to ask for people to beta read and critique future instalments before I submit them, to help keep the quality up once the story world opens up. Beta reading will also commence after Issue 7 is out, and you will need to have been following the story so far to take part in that.

Anyone interested should get in contact with me either by private message on facebook, other forum that I frequent, or by replying below:

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Mist First Draft Complete, Future Plans, and Beta Reader Request!

    • Hi Lar, did you get my second email (the one with the attachment)? These things sometimes get blocked by spam filters and other such interweb gremlinoids…

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