First (Fourteenth) Contact


Is there another way
For me to here convey
How much your presence means to me
This very special day?

When looking back at my odd choice
To heed a boy’s annoying voice
And reach out electronically
Quite nervously and comically
To that strange species known as girl
(Who tend to cause my head to whirl)

And yet through fumbling words and thoughts
I found I had a friend of sorts
The sort of friend that transformed me
And filled my heart with foolish glee
And my head with foolish plans
Of a future with joined hands

And not just hands but heart and mind
Dreaming you’d respond in kind
And then quite unbelievably
You went and fell in love with me.
Who in their right mind would do that?
My kind was made for laughing at,

Avoiding with a forced half-smile,
Enduring for a little while,
Then moving on to a real friend
Who on your interest can depend.
Yet here you are, and all sincere
Demonstrating love most clear.

I witness such a flow of good
From your great heart and motherhood
So many blessings I enjoy
From you, my greatest earthly joy.
So may I be forever true
And show the world that I love you.


* My apologies for the delay, the kids have been a little more draining than usual this past week, I will do what I can to get back to the normal schedule of one post per week. Anyway, this is my annual tradition of a poem to celebrate the first time I emailed the awesome lady who is now my wife of more than a dozen years, which occurred 14 years ago. I sent the email on the first of May, she opened it on the second, so I make it a tradition of sending her a poem as the last thing I do at night on the first, on the understanding that she will not open it until the following morning.

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