The Dawn

This saddest chore we will fulfill,
We women weak and weary still
From all these awful days have wrought,
We will ebalm him as we ought.

But who will roll the stone away, and what about the guard?
So many things combined to make this day so very hard.
There’s the rich man’s garden, but what happened to the tomb?
My friends nervously approach and peer into the gloom.

An unknown voice calls, “He’s not here!” We scatter, terrified.
A minute later I return and take a look inside.
They’ve taken him! But where and why? What do they hope to gain?
Can’t they just allow us to endure our private pain?

“Please, sir, Mr Gardener, I do not mean to lurk,
Just tell me where you’ve taken Him, I’ll leave you to your work.”
“Mary,” says a voice I know, I look up in surprise,
And wipe the blurring tears from my disbelieving eyes.

It’s Him! He is alive and His body glorified!
“Teacher!” I said, so overjoyed to be there by his side.
“Do not cling to me,” He said, “I must still yet ascend
To my Father up in heaven, I am faithful to the end.”

“Go to all my brothers and tell them this from me:
I’m going to the glory that is mine eternally.”
That dawn began a whole new age, His rule began that day;
We’ll follow our beloved king, the Truth, the Life, the Way!

7 thoughts on “The Dawn

    • Thank you. Most of my poems are stand-alone, but there are a few series as well. The series of poems that tells the story of how I met my wife and how our marriage has progressed is not posted in chronological order, because it was not written in order (I write my wife three poems a year, once on the anniversary of our first contact (which will be at the start of next month), once on her birthday and once on our wedding anniversary, each time focusing on a different aspect of our history or our current relationship, or just how awesome she is 🙂 ). The other (prose) series, ‘The Joy of…’ has its own category, and those are posted in order, so is much easier to find and read in order. I hope to have the next part of that series posted this weekend.

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