A sweeping move that threads a path
Through organised defence,
Exposing pearl-white gates to our
Most hostile of intents.

Trained muscles work in harmony,
Team members’ minds are read;
Anticipating well-timed runs
To keep a step ahead.

A bluff, a feint, a burst of speed
Opens up a space.
A deft through ball is trapped and turned
Then fired with fluid grace.

The guardian’s taloned outstretched arm
And great despairing dive
Deflects the roaring sphere behind
To keep their hopes alive.

Launched back into the field of play
With fearsome, hissing swerve;
A hunter lurks behind the crowd
With steely eye and nerve.

He leaps and makes full contact true
Momentum steered and upped;
He finds his spot, the net balloons,
The crowd with joy erupts.

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