Happy Rhonda Day

Today the faceless machine masters that run facebook informed me that the first person to become a fan of my writing without knowing me personally has her birthday today. I thought I could do a little more than my usual facebook birthday wish, but then I got a little carried away, so for that I apologize, Rhonda.

Happy Rhonda Day

With a name like Rhonda, you really have to wonder:
If a grandma, tall and proud, can dare to mention right out loud
How much she loves her country, kin, no matter what their shade of skin;
How much more the young and strong (showing that they do belong

To that great spirit, good and free, loving independently)
Can rebuild a nation’s hopes, free it from the snaring ropes
Of soothing lies and crony theft, philosophy that’s so bereft
Of all that’s good and healthy for a soul that stands alone before

The great decisions that life brings: mere pleasure or far higher things?
Integrity or fleeting fame? Noble fight or crooked game?
Public scorn for choosing life? Faithful spouse or trophy wife?
So now I bring a birthday wish, for cake and other tasty dish,

But most of all from Him above, source of all life, joy and love,
And faithfulness and unity, wisdom and community,
Health and strength and family, the best in all humanity;
Blessings like an April rain, that overflow your cup again,

This and every other day, in this and every other way,
That all will know that you are His, so full of life and buzz and fizz,
And all will want to know Him too, follow His trail high and true,
Until such time as we all see Him face to face eternally.

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