Terrifying purity, unmasking my depravity,

I thought I knew what goodness was until I saw Your face.

Devastating clarity, with full and perfect unity,

Shatters all my selfish pride and now I know my place.


I fall far short of what is right, so I cower in the light,

Knowing that You must destroy the vileness that is me.

My sin pollutes your holy space, my violence mars this peaceful place,

My very presence ruins all that shines so perfectly.


My greatest works are filthy rags, my highest thoughts are garbage bags,

And now I understand the awful price that must be paid.

I fall onto my knees, as shame exerts its squeeze,

And tremble in pure terror as I wait to be unmade.


“Fear not” I hear You say, “You’re not the one to pay.

The price to buy your freedom was long since paid in full.”

You offer me a hand and help me as I stand,

Transforming my revolting rags into the whitest wool.


Now I’ve seen your love, this blessing from above,

I cannot but declare your glory everywhere I can.

My motives have transformed, my heart has grown and warmed,

At last I’m on the path towards becoming a wise man.

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