Each night I lose all that I have,
Each day it is returned,
Preserved with care just as it was;
Not mangled, scarred or burned.

Each little treasure of my heart allowed another day
To grow and play and work and run, and learn along the way.
The progress of my projects all restored with all their flaws
So I can trace a fault back to its unintended cause.

A chance to carry on a conversation with my friends
Revive a running joke, or better yet to make amends
For all the thoughtless things I’ve done, the careless words I spoke,
The things I did in anger, the promises I broke.

Then again, it’s not each day, or even every hour,
But every nanosecond is by His sustaining power
Permitted to engage in further continuity
Where I can act with knowledge and responsibility

So I will live in gratitude
For this enormous latitude
To choose and act and persevere,
Towards goals both far and near,
‘Til life’s permissions are withdrawn
And I will face a whole new dawn.

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