Four Decades

This one is for my older brother’s birthday, which is today.

Four Decades

Four decades here upon the earth
Less than one a dad;
But what a major impact
Those lesser years have had!

Priorities turned upside down,
Maturity so grown;
A loving wife that shares your trials,
As these good years have shown.

Dan-Dan and Ella fill your days
With sweetest joy in many ways;
Although those restful nights are rarer
You’d never swap your little terrors.

Hard labours in a distant land
By sparkling sea and golden sand
Have left their mark on you, it’s true,
But that is nothing compared to

The adventures that are yet in store
For parents who do so much more
Than drift through life with cap in hand
Instead they every storm withstand

United they serve higher calls
To life beyond four grey-white walls
Protect the weak, assist the poor,
Help the forgotten smile once more

This day we do commemorate,
Relax, enjoy and celebrate
A life that touches many others;
Even a distant younger brother’s

Who wants to send a birthday wish
With a pretentious wordy swish
(But honestly, it’s heartfelt, too
With hope that it all can come true),

That the source of all life and joy
Will bless your little girl and boy,
Illimunate and lead your life,
And that of your most precious wife.

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