A Flock of Fools

Here lies in wait a flock of fools
All keen and primed to mock and sneer
At all that they don’t understand,
And all that hints at what they fear.

Let not their snickers blind you to
The bankruptcy of their worldview.
All they pretend to hold as true
Is carnal lusts they ballyhoo.

Though your life has proved them wrong
They write another goading song;
Layabouts they see as wise,
Hard workers chumps in their own eyes.

“Those who achieve are worst of all,
Why cant they say things vain and small?
Then we can look down from on high,
Shake our heads and give a sigh,

“Smirk and grin and pat our backs
That we won’t follow in their tracks.
Our hands and minds are far too great
To deal with matters second-rate

“Like principles and lessons deep,
Those make us want to go to sleep.
Fads and agendas, there’s the thing
To dull our guilt’s annoying sting.

“Forget the future and the past;
Now’s all that matters, it won’t last.
Just grab and scrounge here all you please,
Someone else will take the squeeze.

“Borrow way beyond your means,
When bills do come, just whine and scream.
They’ll let you off because you are
A precious snowflake, gilded star.

“They owe you all you want and more,
It’s their fault that you are so poor;
So kill and steal and pay them back
For all the dreams that you still lack.’

One creditor they cannot fool,
Or avoid or trick or school,
Awaits them all on Judgement Day,
Which they can never wish away.

So do not envy them their lives;
Their backs will fill with friendly knives.
Pity them their fate instead;
Their hoarded gold is painted lead.

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