A Dozen Anniversaries

After that flurry of activity this week, let’s calm things down with the anniversary poem that I promised:

A Dozen Anniversaries

A dozen anniversaries
A dozen raucous cheers;
A near half-dozen nurseries
We’ve needed through the years.

How rich has now our life become,
With two souls side by side?
We are now far more than our sum
Now our old selves have died.

This transformation year on year
Is worth so much to me;
We’ve overcome so many fears
With truth so deep and free.

The worthless things we’ve left behind,
The treasures we have gained,
This firm yet soaring peace of mind
So far outweigh the pains.

To think that I am good for you
Is one more source of joy;
And also strength to see us through
Each day we redeploy.

(A little explanation for the last two lines of the first verse, my wife is expecting our fifth child this January)

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