Loving Mother

So, I wrote something nice for my wife’s birthday, then looked at it again and decided it’s much more of an anniversary celebration than a birthday poem, so I’ll save it for then (next week).

This is what I cobbled together for her birthday:

Loving Mother

Loving mother, faithful friend,
Wife beloved without end;
Another year we have been blessed
To know you and we’ll do our best
To make you smile and let you know
That all your efforts here below
Are valued up on high and here;
Please stay with us another year,
So we can give you love and cheer
And show you, our sweet Mummy dear,
How much you mean to all of us,
And to the One that we all trust.

How could we not rejoice in you
For all you share and all you do?
There’s no-one we would rather know,
Confide in as we work and grow,
Share our lives with, play and grin,
Unload our burdens deep within,
Depend upon when we do fall,
Celebrate our victories all,
Look to for wisdom, solace, peace;
Appreciation does increase
For all you are and can still be,
A loving mother, full and free.

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