What Makes a Man a Noble?

Alright, I’m back from my trip, and since the publication of Nobility Among Us is drawing near, I thought it was about time to share this poem with you all; the first two stanzas are quoted at the start of the book. I will be posting further updates and a sample chapter or two over the next few weeks.

What Makes a Man a Noble?

“What makes a man a noble?
What sets a soul apart?
Is it breeding or upbringing
Or the depth of his own heart?

“What forms a mind of greatness
That triumphs through its toil?
Whose memory will not be lost
When buried in the soil?”

“My heart grows weaker day by day;
‘Tis painful, yet has paved the way
For you, my son, to take the reins
And build upon our hard-earned gains.

“Act with honour, grace and strength;
Take care to listen, talk at length.
Pay heed to wisdom’s gentle voice
Before you make each fateful choice.

“One day your glory, too, will fade,
Another will rise from your shade.
Make him a soul that’s faithful, true;
Be proud of him, as I am you.”

Rufus Draishire,
30th Viscount of Draishire

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