Publications Authored:

2014 Nobility Among Us: self-published

2014-2015 Beyond the Mist serialized across Sci Phi Journal issues 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Sci Phi Productions

2015 Selected Verse: Faith and Family: self-published

2016 Beyond the Mist (full novel): Sci Phi Productions

2016 “Seasons”, Society of Classical Poets Journal 2016 vol 4: Classical Poets Publishing

2016 Selected Verse: Heroes and Wonders: self-published

2016 “Red Dwarf’s Inquisitor and Judgement Day”, Sci Phi Journal 2016 Q1: Superversive Press

2017 “The Razor Blade of Approval”, Forbidden Thoughts: Superversive Press

2017 “The Beast”, Tales of the Once and Future King: Superversive Press

2017 “For Science!”, Astounding Frontiers Issue 5: Superversive Press

2017 “Stranded”, Astounding Frontiers Issue 6: Superversive Press

Publications Edited:

2015-2017: Sci Phi Journal from Issue 7 onwards

2016 The Product by Marina Fontaine: Superversive Press

2017 Forbidden Thoughts: Superversive Press

2017 Doctor to Dragons by Scott Huggins: Superversive Press

2017 A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin

2017 Astounding Frontiers Issues 1-6

2017 A Looming Shadow by Yakov Merkin

2018 The Dragon Hand by Yakov Merkin