Due to some family troubles (both youngest children being sick and not sleeping well at night) I managed to forget about the anniversary of first contacting my wife, so here is this year’s belated poem:


What chances will a young man take when love seems on the line?
Write to a complete stranger, take on a risky climb,
Share all his deepest secrets with a girl he’s got to know,
And hope she won’t run screaming from his inner horror show.

Swear utter lifelong faithfulness, til death they both do part;
Before God, friends and family, declare with all his heart,
That nothing can now come between their souls now bound as one,
‘Til all life’s tasks have been achieved and heaven’s wreath is won.’

Share all his faults and failings, all he has and hopes to be,
And all the fruit that grows on their new-planted family tree
Work to be a better man, nurture her growth too,
And always work towards all that is healthy, pure, and true.


More Praise for Beyond the Mist!

More people have positive things to say about Beyond the Mist,

Patrick S. Baker’s 5-star review of Sci Phi Journal Issue 5 at amazon:

Could not be better! The stories are very good, of course. The excellent Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky continues. HMS Mangled Treasure by L. Jagi Lamplighter is also an excellent combo of tough broad straight from a film noir, whimsy and Peter Pan: “a whole can of whup on your sorry ass” might be my new signature block.

And Kevin Stuart Lee over at John C. Wright’s blog had this to say:

“Beyond the Mist” was one of the few stories out of Issue 2 I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’ve been enjoying it more as it goes along. At first blush I thought it was a cut-and-dry hell/purgatory/heaven allegory, but as the narrative goes deeper and the adventure keeps unfolding, I find myself having no actual clue what’s going on, and I love it! It’s guaranteed fun and mystery, and I look forward to each new installment.

It’s also the first serial I’ve ever had the pleasure to read in serial form, so thank you for making my first experience a most pleasant one.

Go to the Beyond the Mist page, follow the links and grab yourself a copy (or 4) of Sci Phi Journal to see for yourself.